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By the Vision of God we started full time ministry on June-2004 to Till Now at 1. ABM Compound 2. Padmavathi Nagar Center, Nellore

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Jesus Ministries is Established on 2-6-2002 at Nellore(St. Joseph EM School Back Side ).

This Ministry is started with 3 members,now 700 peoples are worship together in Jesus Ministries.

It is founded by Pastor Rev.K.JOSHUA M.th, He came from Hindu(Chowdharies) background since 1984.He took baptisim on 1988.

He started his ministry on 2002 at Atmakur Baptist Church. By the Vision of God he started full time ministry on June-2004 to Till Now.

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1 Lakh people will worship at Jesus Ministries

Constructing new branches in villages

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Prayer Support

Online support for Church memebers who are loacted in other States and other countries.

They can make call on any time for prayer support except Friday and Sunday

Rev.K.Joshua Chowdhary's Testimony

When I had 8 years old, I had one query in my mind, Who is the Real God of the world, I met so many members for asking the truth of this question, nobody can reply my answer At the same time Iam very poor. Iam working as a cooli those days, i had 12 years old One side Iam a critical poor and another side i have one question ( who is the Real God ), Its given me a problem to decide suiside attempt. Finally When im praying to God, who is true God and where is he, show me yourself to me? show me my life to live in the earth either i will die today itself. One day i saw two women, they are speaking about Jesus. I asked to them, tell me who is the Real God of the World?

They told- Pray to Jesus. I praied and he appeared. How was the appeariance, Iam flying on the sky like a bird. I was sat on the right lap of the Lord.Then all my parents are down and they are beating their chest.And God says to me - "They dont about me but you know about me.So when they came to know about me, they will give trouble to you." I asked him-How they will know the real God?

Then God said that - "How body will satisfied with thurst of water. The same way the Soul will satisfied with real God". When I had that I felt extremly very happy. When I was feeling the God's presence, then suddenly I woked up. Then my parents, relations, friends started troubled me.One day they called me, they asked me weather you need we or God. Then I said : I dont want your Caste, Property and anything but I need Jesus only. Then they had send out me from my home. I went to Raja Omangi Luthern Church, I told my testimony, then I met pastor Rev. P. David Paul & Santha Kumari, they supported me spirtually. After few days my parents decide to convert into Hindu with the cause of my marriage.Then after that again the problem started me with my life partner. I had fasted 41 days, first my mother had changed and then after few days entire my family had changed.

Those days i worked as a sub-contractor, I had God's call, I left all these works then i started Gods service. First I started in Ananthagiri(East Godhavari) Luthern Church as a pastor from 1993 to 1995. I had given John baptism to 72 members in one day.Then one day in the dark moon day on the hill we are praying together,suddenlly light appeared then we started reading the Bible.After that the light had disappeared.This is the one of the Miracle.The same kind of miracles are so many.

In Labarthi(East Godhavari) pentacostal church 1995-96, in Marripadu(Nlr)Bakthsing Fellow Ship 1996-2000, in Atmakur Baptist Church 2000-2004. Then I started my own ministry ( Jesus Logas Ministries@ Nellore ) on 2-6-2004.

From 1993 to till now , I had been given baptism to 750 members.We established 11 church's with 700 belivers and 11 pastors.

Ministry Branches & Services


Jesus Ministries is Established on 2-6-2002 at Nellore(St. Joseph EM School Back Side ).


1 Lakh people will worship at Jesus Ministries


Per Month two days only.

1. Jesus Ministries
ABM Compound Back Side, Nellore-1

2. Jesus Ministries
Nethaji Nagar, Padmavathi Center, Nellore-4

India Theological Bible College
ABM Compound Back Side, Nellore-1

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